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We know that teachers/PTA members need to buy PA systems and microphones for their school without knowing exactly what they need or how it all works! We offer simple sales advice and can recommend the best PA system and microphones for your needs - just give What PA? a call on 01375 892317, email us or complete our simple enquiry form. We'll email back with some suggestions for complete packages, within your budget, that will fulfil your needs! We also supply easy set up guides free of charge - it couldn't be simpler to buy a PA System for your school from us!

Portable PAs for Classroom and Playground

You might need a PA system that's small and light enough for classroom, playground or Summer Fete use, with the added bonus that it runs on its own internal battery. For groups up to 75 people these all-in-one systems come complete with two wireless handheld microphones, play music from memory stick or your phone/laptop via Bluetooth and are very quick and easy to set up and use.

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PA Systems for Fayres and Sports Day

For making announcements and playing music at outdoor fetes and sports days you need two speakers to get  more volume and an even spread of sound around the area, but still need something compact enough to pack away. You have lots of options for this depending on your budget and the number of microphones you will need. As well as the speakers and stands, we can recommend wired or wireless microphones, and a simple mixer to control the volumes of the microphones and music if you need it.

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Installed PA Systems for the Hall

If you're looking for a permanent PA System in your school hall with speakers up on the walls, then we can help to choose the right equipment for your needs. Add on some wireless microphones or choir microphones and you're all set up for your next school show! We'll explain how it all connects up, and how to use it so you don't need to worry about that! We can also offer outdoor horn speakers, corridor speakers, and timed announcements.

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